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OEM Volkswagen Tiguan Parts

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How Long Can My Volkswagen Tiguan Last?

Tiguan is quintessentially Volkswagen -- a compact crossover SUV both upscale and great as a family car. It's got everything you've come to expect from the brand -- excellent performance, enviable comfort, plenty of space, and technology at the cutting edge. Put simply, it's top-quality, as only German craftsmanship excellence can deliver.

So, yours? It should last you decades, a couple hundred-thousand miles at least. You'll just have to service it regularly and take care of a few problems common to the line. For that, you'll need the best parts and accessories possible for the job. Shop with us here at VW Kearny Mesa Parts. We've got everything you've been looking for.

Common Tiguan Problems and Repairs

The TSI Direct-Injection Engine

Sometimes, carbon can clog up the air intake. This'll cause power loss and rough idling; the Check Engine light will turn on, and the car will feed back error codes like P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, or P0304. The intake manifold probably needs cleaning. What you'll have to do is take it out and take care of that, making sure you get the ports on the cylinder head and the valves, too. If this doesn't work, you may have to replace the manifold. Luckily, the replacements we sell are genuine OEM -- Volkswagen quality, as reliable as what your Tiguan got from the factory. Not so, a lot of engine parts on the aftermarket.

The Subframe

If your front-end alignment's off and you're hearing a clunk when you speed up (and feeling them to boot), the subframe's hitting the bottom of the SUV. The culprits are probably stretched subframe bolts; you'll need to replace them, plus the spacers. We've got new ones for you; they're not only discounted from MSRP but also backed by warranty. So, you can buy with confidence -- you'll be getting an exceptional value.

The N80 Valve in the Fuel System

Sometimes, the fuel system's EVAP system purge (N80) valve gets stuck open, making it so the tank can't pressurize properly. If you're hearing popping after starting or when you slow down, and the Check Engine light's on, there's a good chance that's what's happening. (Seeing P2404 and/or P0441 error codes, the pops stopping and fuel economy getting worse, and starting to vibrate when slowing down all but directly confirm it, too.) More, specifically, the leak detection pump's found a fault, and it's trying to fill the gas tank with air and then release it to retest the system (to make sure it's working right again). You'll need to replace the valve. Don't worry; you can start browsing replacements right away -- no guessing needed about what'll fit. Just select your Tiguan model year and trim/engine in our catalog, and what's compatible will show up.

Buy Genuine OEM Volkswagen Parts and Accessories for Tiguan Online

We'll deliver anywhere in the US -- here in Kearny Mesa, elsewhere in San Diego, California or otherwise, you name it. Shipping is fast, and it's cheap. Order today. Contact us if you have any questions.

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