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What are Some Common Problems with Volkswagen Rabbit?

Your Rabbit is one fun-to-drive hatchback, a ride only Volkswagen can deliver. It should last you decades, too, hundreds of thousands of miles -- you just have to keep up with regular service and take care of a few issues common to the line.

Good thing you came to us here at VW Kearny Mesa Parts for advice on what to watch out for -- and what to do about it. It's the following.

Failed Timing Chains

If the engine in your Rabbit is rattling when you start, or while idling, or it's misfiring, and the Check Engine light's turning on, there's a good chance the timing chain is bad, or its tensioner's failed. Metal shavings in the oil, though? It's practically certain. You'll need to replace whatever the problem is. The average cost of timing chain replacement on a Rabbit, for instance, is around $950.

Faulty HVAC

Heater and air conditioner in your Rabbit smell a little musty? Check the drain system for debris; the heater case probably needs a cleaning. (This was a known issue on models from between 2006 and 2009, with 95,000 miles or less, usually.) Of course, if that doesn't solve the problem, you might need to replace one or more of any number of AC parts.

Bad Fuel Systems

If your Rabbit is from between 2007 and 2009, and it pops after starting or when you slow down, and the Check Engine light comes on, most likely, the problem's the leak detection pump in the fuel system. (The popping stops, though, and fuel economy get worse, this is even more likely. You start seeing P2404 and/or P0441 error codes, though, you can't start the car after filling up at the pump, and it begins vibrating when slowing down, then it's practically certain.)

What's happening: the pump's finding a fault, at which point, it fills the gas tank with air, then releasing it to retest the system (to make sure it's working right again). The issue's the EVAP system purge (N80) valve, actually; it's probably stuck open, and so, the tank isn't pressurizing properly. You'll need to replace it. That'll run you $150 or so, give or take.

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