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OEM Volkswagen Passat Parts

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Popular VW Passat Mods for SoCal

Roomy and comfortable front to back, well-equipped, and fun to drive, Passat is a practical car with everything going for it -- and prospects for a lot more in the way of customization. Good chance you thought that the day you test-drove it at the dealership, and just had to take it home.

Now it's time to make your upgrade dreams a reality. That's where our Volkswagen parts and accessories come in. Whatever the project, at VW Kearny Mesa Parts, we're here to help.

Boost Performance and Safety

Power behind the drive your thing? Maybe the need for speed? Consider installing a turbocharger and cold air intake. Want high efficiency instead, and with a sound to turn heads to boot? Install a new exhaust system. Of course, every ride needs a little reining in. Some custom suspension parts can help stability while keeping cornering precise and handling. And there's always new brakes -- new brake pads, rotors, and calipers -- to bring your stopping power back up to spec. You can even tune your engine to preference -- for fuel delivery and timing, for example.

Safety-wise, you've got tons of options. An LED headlight and taillight update can instantly give you better visibility, wherever the California terrain and weather takes you, as can putting in fog lights. Under the hood, there's smart systems to go in, too -- blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance, adaptive cruise control, and so on.

Load Up on Tech, and Keep it Comfortable

Infotainment systems to occupy you and keep you in touch on the road and off, up the Cali coast and down -- they're just one place to start here. Seats and seat covers are a great option, too; they'll make the ride more comfortable. Ambient lighting can give it ambiance, while cargo accessories can make storing its essentials a lot more convenient.

Make an Appearance -- One Unmistakably Yours

Want to get attention? A body kit and spoiler are a good means of it. Not only will your car's aerodynamics improve a little; you'll start getting double-takes, too. Alloy wheels can help here, too -- plus, improve handling a little.

Take Care in the Long Run

Whatever the job, a few repairs or a big upgrade, stick to the inspection and upkeep routine in your owner's manual's maintenance schedule. That'll keep your Passat going strong from NorCal wine country back to the San Diego Zoo. What else will: choosing genuine OEM parts and accessories to take care of business. That's for everything, too -- even the little things, like oil filters, belts, and windshield wiper blades.

Why Buy from Us?

What we sell's affordable, often marked down from MSRP, usually steeply discounted. You won't find that at every Volkswagen dealer. More importantly, it's OEM quality, of the exceptional German craftsmanship only VW can deliver, and better, guaranteed to fit your Passat, unlike a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories. It's even backed by a warranty for peace of mind.

Shop Volkswagen Parts and Accessories for Passat in Kearny Mesa, San Diego

We'll ship anywhere, whether here in California, elsewhere in the US -- wherever you drive. Order now. Have any questions? You're welcome to contact us.

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