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OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts

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How Long Can My Volkswagen Golf Last?

Golf is everything a compact car from Volkswagen should be -- capable, reliable, roomy, and almost endlessly customizable. Put simply, it's a blast to drive. You'd know; you bought one and never looked back. It should last you decades, hundreds of thousands of miles. Just be sure to give it regular service and stay on top of some problems common to the line. For that, you'll need the right parts and accessories. Shop with us here at VW Kearny Mesa Parts. We've got everything you've been looking for.

Common Golf Problems and Repairs

Transmissions. If your Golf is high-mileage, and you're having problems shifting, reverse gear isn't working, and shifts are noisy, there's a good chance you need a transmission replacement. The replacement parts we sell are genuine OEM -- Volkswagen quality, as reliable as what your Golf got from the factory. Not so, a lot of transmission parts on the aftermarket.

Water pumps. If your engine's overheating, you probably have a bad water pump impeller. You'll need to replace the water pump itself, plus the thermostat, and flush the whole the cooling system. We've got a new pump and thermostat for you, discounted from MSRP and warranty-backed; buy with confidence -- you'll be getting exceptional value.

Electrical systems. If things are running intermittently generally, the problem's most likely electrical grounding; you'll need to check electrical parts under the battery and around the engine and replace any that need it. Don't worry; you can start browsing replacements right away. Just select your Golf model year and trim/engine in our catalog; what's compatible will show up -- no guessing needed about what'll fit.

Genuine OEM Parts and Accessories for Sale for Volkswagen Golf in Kearny Mesa

We'll deliver anywhere in the US -- here in San Diego, elsewhere in California, or otherwise. Shipping is fast and cheap; order today. Contact us with any questions.


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