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What are Some Common Problems with VW EuroVan?

There's a reason why van-lifers love the EuroVan minivan. It's one of the most versatile Volkswagen vehicles ever made. Whether you live in yours, use it for the everyday, or just like to show it off, you know this firsthand.

Pro tip: keep the van in great condition, and it'll run decades and hundreds of thousands of miles longer. There are issues to watch out for; here's a few, and what to do if you run into them.

1. Cooling System Faults

If the engine in your EuroVan is overheating, its radiator has fin damage, its coolant is leaking or turning to sludge, you can smell the sweet, syrupy odor of ethylene glycol, or the temperature gauge reads high, there's a good chance some part of the cooling system or another is going bad. This is a known issue for models from between 1993 and 2003 with 180,000 miles or fewer on their odometers these days.

Often, if the problem's not the radiator pipes, it's a plastic part, and it's because of age; you'll have to replace whatever has failed.

2. Bad Clutches

If the clutch in your EuroVan sticks; if it feels spongy, it vibrates, or it's loose; if you hear squeaking or grinding noises when you step on the pedal, and you're having trouble speeding up; and if it's just plain tougher to shift gears, then most likely, the throw-out bearing in the clutch has probably failed. This is a known issue for models from between '93 and '03 with 161,000 miles or fewer on their odometers nowadays. You'll need to replace the clutch.

3. Manual Transmission Failures

If your EuroVan has a manual gearbox, you're having problems shifting in reverse, and shifts are overly noisy, then most likely, reverse gear has failed. This is a known issue for models from between '93 and '01 with 200,000 miles or fewer on their odometers today. You'll have to either replace the gear or do a transmission rebuild -- a job usually best left to the service techs at VW dealers.

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