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Three Common VW Corrado Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Corrado was the quintessential Volkswagen sports car of the early to mid-1990s -- one that handled great, making it fun to drive all over San Diego, and the kind of stylish that got looks along the way to boot.

You'd know; you bought one and never looked back. It wasn't without some troubles during its storied career, though. Stay on top of them, and the car should run you thousands more miles.

Here's a few to look out for.

1. Failed Manual Transmissions

If your Corrado has a manual gearbox, it's having trouble shifting in reverse, and it's overly noisy, then most likely, the gear's failed. This is a known issue for models from between 1990 and 1994 with 130,000 miles on their odometers these days. You'll have to either replace the gear or rebuild the transmission -- a job usually best left to the service tech at a Volkswagen dealer.

2. Faulty Sensors

If the Check Engine light in your Corrado has come on the dash, then, more than likely, the car's got a bad oxygen sensor or coolant temperature sensor. This is a known issue for models from between '90 and '94. You'll need to replace the problem sensor(s).

3. Bad Cooling Systems

If your Corrado is leaking coolant, oil, or both, then the issue's probably either a failed water pump or a faulty valve cover gasket. This is a known issue for models from between '90 and 1992. You'll need to replace whatever parts are defective.

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