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What are Some Common Problems with Volkswagen Cabriolet?

Your Cabriolet is stylish, sophisticated, yet practical -- the quintessential Volkswagen convertible. Nevertheless, it's had its issues over the years -- the kinds of trouble you'll have to stay on top of if you want the car to run for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles. Good thing you came to us here at VW Kearny Mesa Parts about them. We'll tell you what to watch out for -- and what to do about it.

1. Bad Cooling Systems

If the cooling system in your Cabriolet has sprung a leak, most likely, the issue's a bad water pump. This was a known issue for models from between 1990 and 1993. Run an inspection to be sure -- it could be some other part, after all: a radiator, radiator hose, and so on -- and replace whatever you find faulty. If it's the pump, that'll likely run you between $485 and $740, on average.

2. Ignition Failure

Cabriolet models from between '90 and '93 have a known issue where their engines misfire. On the one hand, this can be chalked up to bad spark plugs, but more than likely, the problem's the ignition; its wires have degraded. They'll have to be replaced. If it's the spark plug wiring, it'll probably run you $110 to $250 on average.

3. Electrical System Ground Faults

Are the electricals in your Cabriolet not working right? That was a known issue for models from between '90 and '93. It's almost always a case of bad wiring grounds. More than likely, the trouble spots are under the battery or on the engine; you'll have to fix them.

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