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What are Some Common Problems with Volkswagen Cabrio?

You know your Cabrio well -- it's an enthusiast's convertible, a pleasure to drive, and yet reliable, as only Volkswagen can deliver. However, it's not been without a few issues over the years. Good thing you came to us here at VW Kearny Mesa Parts about that. We'll tell you what to keep an eye out for -- and what to do about it.

1. Bad Manual Transmissions

Driving a Cabrio from between 1995 and 2002? If it's got 130,000 miles or less on it, your reverse gear isn't working right, and you're hearing noise from the transmission, then most likely, the gearbox is bad. You'll have to run an inspection to be sure, but most often, replacement's required.

2. Faulty Grounds in Electrical Systems

If the electricals in your Cabrio aren't working right, it's almost always a case of badly grounded wiring. This was a known issue for models from between '95 and '02 -- those with 150,000 miles or less these days. More than likely, the trouble grounds are under the battery or on the engine; you'll have to fix them.

3. Failed Power Windows

Cabrio models from between 1997 and '02 -- those with 135,000 miles or less on their odometers today -- have known issues where their power windows stop working. The cause: faults in the window regulators. They'll have to be replaced.

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